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I have been doing some extensive research on THR (search function is your friend) and the net regarding Mobil 1 motor oil and Mobil 1 ATF as lubes/rust protectants for guns. Some people say the synthetic motor oil lubes great but offers little or no rust protection for firearms.

How much better is Carquest brand synthetic oil than .

Pull up the MSDS on both of them and then compare what's "in" it. I've become quite the oil guru since joining Bob Is The Oil Guy. RP AND Mobil 1 5w-30 don't get great reviews there. Mobil 1 EP is great though. If I were to run synthetic again, I would use Pennzoil Platinum . With my 3-5k OCI, synthetic was a waste of money.

Is one reason you should change your own oil because most .

The reasons you should do your own oil change are 1. The grease monkeys at your local lube shop don’t change the crush gasket on the drain plug. 2. The grease monkey at the local lube shop don’t understand it’s a crush gasket and runs the drain pl...

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0W20 Mobil 1 Advanced Fuel Economy, API SN synthetic = 96,364 psi 5W20 Royal Purple API SN synthetic = 90,434 psi He also points out that more additives aren't necessarily better - i.e. some of the racing oils are extremely high additive and they will damage your engine if you don't change them every 500 miles (or less), not to mention ...

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High-mileage motor oil ?? j_zim Posts: 2. ... I went ahead and bought it after the guy told me it could help my car run better, condition seals and some other stuff I cant remember. ... Thats why I deceided to stay with Mobil 1 for my new Sentra. And I changed to syn at 30 miles, I should be OK. Unless they change the formula. BTW I have yet to ...

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The first commercially viable process for making Group IV PAO was pioneered by Gulf Oil in 1951 using an AlCl3 catalyst. Mobil patented an improved process using a BF3/AlCl3 catalyst in the 1960s. ... 1-Decene, or 1-Dodecene, or 1 ... BOB IS THE OIL GUY® Designed by SD ...

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Valvoline ™ Full Synthetic Grease is an excellent heavy-duty and multi-purpose automotive and industrial extreme-pressure grease. Valvoline Full Synthetic Grease is formulated with a lithium complex thickened in a synthetic base oil, moly and other premium additives to provide superior protection from high loads and extreme temperatures (-40°F to 425°F).

oil change w/ valvoline synpower... regrets... had been .

so today i go to valvoline quick change (closer to my errands today). get the synpower full synthetic. notice the sticker says 3k miles before next oil change. ***? the mechanic tells me i can go 5k. but 7.5k - no way. i try to research online, and valvoline pretty much refuses to say how many miles you can go. while mobil 1 says go 15k.

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It appears bob the oil guy has many oil company sponsors so its obvious to me why he did not want us talking about bi-tron. There was no need in locking the post but If you was going to close the post you should have at LEAST gave Stony or myself a chance to respond especiallly since i was the one who started the post!

Mobil 1™ High Mileage Oi

Note 1 -- If your engine has excessive sludge deposits due to less-than-adequate maintenance practices, Mobil 1 High Mileage can help by reducing the sludge left behind in your engine. For severe cases of sludge, short oil change intervals (3000 - 5000 miles) are recommended for the first 2-3 oil changes as reduction of the sludge takes place.

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View and compare Mobil™ motor oil types including Mobil 1™ and Mobil Super™ motor oils. Filter by your vehicle type, oil formulation, Mobil family of brands, or type of oil viscosity to find the right motor oil for your vehicle.

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Mobil 1 Motorcycle Oil FAQ – Mobil claims that Mobil 1 motorcycle oil has “Additive packages balanced differently for motorcycle engine and transmission operation” than for automobiles because cars “require low phosphorus systems and the use of friction modifiers” due to emissions regulations and other reasons.

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I always used Mobil 1 oil on my Porsche 911 twin turbo but the last year i tried Castrol synthetic oil and it was just as good. Nothing bad to say about Mobil 1 but i would like to know which oil have the most zink in it? I need oil with much zink for my old 1965 StingRay coupe ... Use arrows to rank one item in Best Motor Oil Brands vs another.

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When motorists look for synthetic oil comparison reviews to help make an educated choice, they find that there’s precious little data available since very few synthetic oil companies are willing to put their products out for head-to-head comparisons.

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Mobil 1 has been providing the market with incredibly well researched and developed oils for decades. Their M1 Extended Performance oil filters; like their oil, come to market with some huge claims, touting “one full year of guaranteed protection” if paired with their oil. The M1 filter is well made.

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Lubrication Question? Nlgi 2 Grease. Thread starter rwm; Start date Jan 8, 2016 [3] ... Just though I would provide some followup on the Mobil 1 grease. The lathe seems to be running fine with cool bearings. ... It may take me a few years to use up a large tube of grease. By then the oil has leaked out enough for the grease to thicken and for ...

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macmanks wrote:I am sure I will stir up a few demons here with my comments, but that is ok. The two most important elements to extended engine life are, in order of priority: #1 The Oil FILTER#2 The Oil The two best filters available right now are the Mobile 1 Extended Performance followed by the Amsoil EA012. the best value is the Mobile 1 extended.

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Porsche stress tests have shown extreme engine wear protection, Mercedes “Million Kilometer Test” has demonstrated how clean Mobil 1 is the best synthetic oil to operate in the toughest “real-world” driving conditions, resisting “sludge and deposit formation” to keep the oil looking like new.

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Every TV commercial for synthetic motor oil says theirs is the best. Most of the time, however, they offer vague reasons why. Often they don't offer any real proof at all, relying on fluffy slogans such as "Nothing outperforms Mobil 1" or "It's liguid engineering".

What is the difference between mobil 1 and their high .

What is the difference between mobil 1 and their high mileage version? (self.MechanicAdvice) ... but i can point you to the bob is the oil guy forums, where hundreds have debated such topics repeatedly, and repeatedly and repeatedly, and there might be an answer there somewhere!