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This image was produced during the third year of my BA (Hons) Photography at University Of West Of England. 
When looking for ideas for this module I was being drawn back to the artist / cartographer / artist, instructional art and photograph as document ideas that had inspired my summer project.  I was considering how the path of the journey could be predetermined/randomised and how it could be recorded visually.
Research/inspirations for this include Richard Long’s Wind Line (1985) (Wind Line) , and Douglas Huebler’s Duration Piece #5 (1969) (Duration Piece #5). 
The final composition combines the photographic record of my journey with data about the route travelled (and not travelled).  My direction of travel was predetermined using a random number generator constrained by the parameter of values only 0-360°.
The aesthetic reflects how we remember a route or a journey; a mishmash of moments, snapshots or vistas, not a smooth playback with every detail remembered perfectly. 
360 - Woodley, D. (2014)
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