AONB Continued (after Keith Arnatt)

The original AONB (1982-84) was a photographic series by the artist Keith Arnatt that explored the perceptions vs the reality of the Wye Valley AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty).  It specifically concentrated on the Tintern/Chepstow areas close to where Arnatt lived.  Arnatt's images were a reflection on the mundanity of real life in an AONB.  This is represented by the low contrast, grey day aesthetic he chose. It is perhaps a rural extension of New Topographics.
My project was an exercise in continuing a project by a Welsh / Wales based photographer.

I have emulated Arnatt's aesthetic and used locations close to the originals, in fact in the final photograph of my series, taken in the playground of The Dell in Chepstow, the upturned cone climbing frame is the same one that was part of the original rocketship climbing frame that Arnatt photographed nearby. My chosen subjects and locations continue those of the original AONB; they show the beautiful landscape, architecture or public space, while also portraying the "everyday" nature of these places complete with their banality and imperfections.
Keywords:  AONB, Arnatt, Chepstow, Flat, Grey, Keith Arnatt, Monmouthshire, Tintern, Valley, Wales, Wye, Wye Valley
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