Instantiation - Process #001

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Instantiation - Process #001

This ongoing project was created for the Final Major Project of the Foundation Degree in Digital Photography.

Inspired by the concepts of indirect portraiture, involuntary sculptures, conceptual / instructional art, and typographic photography, Instantiation - Process #001 is designed to get participants, via vague but strict instructions, to create their own sculptures which act as a form of indirect self-portrait. The purpose and ideas behind the performative / collaborative / instructional process was not revealed to the participants to minimise any self-censorship and ensure that only instinct defined their interpretation of the instructions.

Each individual sculpture invites inferences to be made about its creator; How did they cope with the task asked of them? Did they follow the instructions given? How did they interpret what the instructions required of them? How did they want their creation to be viewed? How inventive / creative were they? How did they react to the time constraints of the task?

Displaying the sculptures in a typographic, grid design aids the viewer; the aesthetic repetition encourages viewers to look more closely at the variety of sculptures created and encourages comparisons to be made between the sculptures themselves, particularly those that have a similar theme. The visual dullness also suggests that the artwork is not exclusively the photograph itself, but the ideas and processes that led to the photographs being taken.
Keywords:  Conceptual, Degree, Final Major Project, Foundation Degree, Instructional Art, Photography Degree, Typographic, Involuntary Sculptures
Typographic grid of the participants' creations.
Images taken by participants as part of the instructional / participatory / collaborative part of the project.
Key to images taken by participants: Each square shows the title the participant gave their creation / sculpture, followed by their initials.
Individual Creations
Below are a few of the participants' creations / sculptures in detail.
"Visionary" by AJP
"Aeroplane" by DM
"X" by MLJ
Behind The Scenes
The following images show the instructional / collaborative / performative part of the project in progress.
Documenting the creations/sculptures as they were made.
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