Precious Things

Fine ArtsPhotography
In a car park I regularly use that is on the edge of a large area of parkland, I noticed the daily accumulations of sticks randomly scattered over the tarmac, after a few days I realised that these hadn't just fallen there, but had been forcibly removed from a dog that had been walking and playing in the parkland before they were allowed to get back into the car to go home.
The idea of the forcible separation of the dog and their plaything that they had enjoyed so much that they'd even brought it right back to the car park seemed a little heartbreaking.  I decided to collect some of these "precious things" and record them for posterity, suspended as if in mid-flight on their way to a meeting with an excited canine.  They are all shot to scale to emphasis the variety of shapes and sizes of toys that were so highly prized.  If I hadn't collected them, within hours they would all have crushed into muddy splinters by the comings and goings of vehicles in the car park, like hundreds and hundreds before them.
The more I thought about it I wondered if the dogs remembered their loss and wanted their sticks back hours, or even days later?  Did they dream about the good times they'd had together?
As a response to this I made some "Lost" and "Reward Offered" posters and put them up in a wood local to me.  I retreated to a safe distance and waited for dogs and/or their human friends to spot the posters (some were put up at a suitable height for dogs to read and some at a convenient height for humans).
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